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Getting the Nutty News

Updated: 6 days ago

Shello there! What's crackin'? If you're reading this, you're probably my mom or dad, or maybe another relative or a close friend. But, if for some reason you aren't those things and you found me by chance - welcome. My name is Jessie Carl and I'm going to be traveling across the country in a peanut for the next year. Sounds like a joke, or maybe an old wives tale, but I swear - it's real. I can-NUT believe it either! (get ready for a ton of nut puns)

This is my very first post in what I hope will be a year-long blog to document my journey across the country as I ride in the NutMobile with my (soon-to-be!) coworkers (and hopefully besties?!?) So if that interests you - become a member of my blog! You'll receive email notifications when I post, and can comment on my blogs as I travel across the country. I reccommend checking your spam folder if you haven't recieved an email notificiation in while.


How It Started

Once the new year begun, I knew it was time to start looking for a new job. I started applying like crazy - and just heard crickets. On April 5th, after recieving a particulary tough application rejection - my mom sent over this photo in a text message.

newspaper clipping of ad for "planters looking for its next 'Peanutters'

A newspaper clipping? In 2024? Turns out it really works. (Shout out to my Mom's friend Carol and her husband who were the ones who actually saw this first and took this photo to send to her!)

I laughed when I saw this. But, in my little sad rejection cacoon, I also thought..."why not?".

The following days were a delightful fever dream of obsessively crocheting my very own Mr. Peanut, writing a 30 second jingle about my work expriences, frantically editing my cover letter to include more nut-puns, and finally submitting this video DURING the solar eclipse on April 9th.

One month later...

After over a month long application and interview process, I got the news on Friday, May 11th, while laying in bed at 8:15am. I had saved Teagan (my now manager) in my contacts just in case she called - so when I saw her name I bolted upright in my bed and answered as fast as I could.

Cue the next slowest seconds of my life until Teagan finally said "We would love for you to be a Peanutter!" Immediately, I was thrilled. And she let me know my future coworkers/roadtrip buds/new best friends would be Ryan and Katie (who, as of writing this, I still have yet to meet!). We hung up, and I immediately called my mom, then my grandma, then texted every person I could think of to spill the news.

Jessie Carl with her hands on top of Mr.Peanut and his top hat, standing in fron the the Nutmobile

And then the reality sunk in. Holy crap. I leave in 3 weeks. I have to move my entire life. In 3 weeks. Of course I was going to do it - but the panic is real and my brain is on fire LOL. So, as I look around my very full bedroom in Chicago, I decided instead of packing - why not start a blog.

My Plan for this Blog

Here's what I hope this blog will be able to do -

  1. Fill in the people who really want all the juicy details about my journey

  2. Share more photos/videos than I will on @plantersnutmobileofficial and my personal socials

  3. Allow me to be really intentional with my keepsaking/memory making!

  4. Offer me and my family an amazing journal to look back on

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can subscribe here and you'll get notifications every time I post. I won't be spammy, I promise - and you'll have full control about what notifications you'll recieve in your member settings. I will be working a full time job so the upkeep of this blog will be very sporadic.

I can't wait to share more of this journey with you ! It's going to be one shell of a ride!

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