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Little Girl - Big City!

If you told me at the age of 18 that I would be living in Chicago with people I used to do Summer Theatre with in my childhood, and was actively pursuing a career in film,

I would stare at you wide-eyed. I'd probably also say something like, "That sounds cool as hell."

Well, 18-year-old me, it is indeed, cool as hell. I love my life here in Chicago. Even though the winters suck and I wish some of my college friends lived closer to me, my past year and half here have be awesome.

Since moving to Chicago in September, 2021, I have acted in 5 short films, 3 commercials, and 3 feature films.

Official Movie Poster for Movie Theater Massacre (Production in Oct. 2021) Check out my name at the top!

I have served as Brand Ambassador for dozens of company events [Perrier/San Pellegrino, Lollapalooza (Bud Light Seltzer), Under Armour, Fox Upfront, and Lavazza Coffee, etc.]

and hosted more princess parties than I can count. I got rid of my car (just last week!), saw my favorite artist in concert (Remi Wolf!), started my first restaurant job (living the stereotype), and have found an amazing group of friends out here who I cherish very dearly.

The things I have accomplished since I moved here are all completely unexpected by that 18-year-old me. Truly -- my life plan as a freshman in college couldn't have been more different.

I grew up in a household that planned everything - which is great!...when you're not in this industry. I can plan and hope for a certain kind of future all I want, but I'm finding the more I just ride the wave rather than try to control the ocean, the happier I am. I've never surfed, but maybe this is why they always seemed so relaxed?

Overall, this is mostly just me saying thank you. Thank you to my family who has supported me, my friends who have been by my side (physically and virtually), and myself, fordoing my best to make this life every day. WOO!

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