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Jessie Carl

actor, singer, social media manager

Current Projects

My feature​

Walter, Grace and the Submarine

is entering the festival circuit this spring/summer! 

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Erik Howard, Director, "Drop Dead, Gorgeous"

Jessie is, at her core, a director's dream. Upon seeking her out for the lead role in my production, I found myself absolutely fascinated at her talent and ability. Her eagerness to not only learn but become the character is a sight to behold. Her devotion to the craft is apparent in how she approaches her characters with professionalism and enthusiasm that I may never find again. Most importantly, Jessie showed that she is an even better person than she is actor. Jessie is kind, positive, an unbelievably hard worker, and an amazing actor on top of it all. She is a must have on any set, to the point where if you don't have a character that fits Jessie... make one.

Noah Bashore, Director, "Walter Grace, and the Submarine"

"If I had it my way, Jessie Carl would be in every movie I make. Not only is she a powerhouse actor who cares deeply about her craft, but she’s also a genuinely wonderful, hilarious, and kind person who is always a blast to have on set. Her performance as Grace in ‘Walter Grace & The Submarine’ made me cry and laugh numerous times. 10/10 would recommend Ms. Carl. "

Brete Schekske, Director, HYPE Management, "Drain Buddy"

"I gave Jessie six scripts to a week before our ONE DAY shoot and she didn't miss a beat on any of them. Her energy and ability to ad-lib was a breath of fresh air and she made my job as a director, EASY."

Cooper Haaland, Director, "Oxygen Thieves"

Jessie’s on-screen presence is magnetic and completely captivating; her talent only matched by her positive attitude and skill at communication. Her compassion and empathy shine through in her work, and elevate the work of her collaborators, including any director who has the privilege to participate in her process.

Scott Sawitz, Director, Drunk Justice Productions, "Save State"

​​"Jessie Carl is an absolute professional; we asked a lot of her on set and every day she gave us more than we thought possible. From the first scene she shot to the time we wrapped her, it was all the same: she came in, knew her lines, and made everyone she worked with better. Highest possible recommendation."

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